Terry & Amanda Morris

Hi Kevin & Denise

Picked up the wind vane from Brisbane and have fitted it with the minimum of fuss to Clark Gable and named it Scarlet O’Hara.

We had been very busy with work and hadn’t had a chance to do any testing prior to our Christmas Cruise. So our first trail with the vane was in 20-30 knots on the stern quarter. The wind vane handled it well considering the inexperience of the crew (with wind vanes). We have now travelled over 300 miles with Scarlet in charge and are still learning the finer points of balancing the boat and vane. We are both very impressed and have decide it is one of the most valuable pieces of gear we have purchased for the boat. I have attached a photo of the windvane working hard in 30 knots.

Thanks for a great self steering system. Also thanks for dinner in Auckland in it was nice to met you and put a name to a face. We will stay in touch and maybe send some more photos.

Terry & Amanda Morris

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