Robert Cardinal – Cardinal Sin

Cardinal Sin

Dear Kevin:
Just a short note to tell you how happy we are with you wind vane.  Unlike some cruisers our vane is used 90% of the time and its looked after our steering chores in every condition there is from 50 knots know to drifting conditions.  Our main auto-pilot has failed so many times over the last few years that the only steering I can rely on has been the Fleming Vane.  It has required a couple of small repairs over the years (what doesn’t in these conditions) but they have been easy to accomplish and because you have sent us the parts even the repairs were inexpensive for us.  Its just proven that the day we decided to buy the Fleming Vane was one of the better ones when it came to making wise decisions.  Thanks for a great product and the service to back it up

Robert Cardinal  Yacht S/V Cardinal Sin (currently in the Marshall Islands Saturday 24 July, 2004)

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