Global Équipe

Global Equipe on Hero

Global Équipe on Hero

Global Équipe Series – 4th Generation – Suits 20 ft (6m) to 40 ft (11m)

The new Global ÉQUIPE is a fourth generation servo design that still evolves and improves from the prototype introduced to the sailing industry over forty years ago.

Personal sailing experience feed back from existing clients and the introduction of new building materials is always ongoing and continues to impact existing form and function

Applying building techniques as used in machine tool construction moving component part tolerance and sensitivity in our own device is second to none.

Improved strength to weight ratios of around 35 percent has been achieved by our industry first of introducing more super duplex stainless steel alloys to this wind vane construction.

A GE with the servo rudder doing its job

A GE with the servo rudder doing its job

Across the board steering ability is assisted in part by reducing shaft sizes and using smaller lighter component mass to reduce operating inertia and with special attention given to the servo rudder plan form, aspect ratio, and cord profile to increase low hull speed dynamic lift.

Fine tooth bevel gears are fitted to minimize operating backlash and prevent over steering. Course correction is proportional to apparent wind change input provided by the inclined horizontal airfoil axis. Course change is an infinite 360 degree through a worm drive mechanism remotely line controlled to suit any installation.

Rudder control lines are routed through a 2/1 reverse lever servo arm (FLEMING CORE DESIGN) to further enhance light air performance. Lines are not encapsulated and are run above deck to ensure quick easy replacement in the worst possible sea conditions.

The unit can be quickly removed via two bolts (folded in half for easy under deck stowing) from a custom-mounting frame supplied with each vane. The user-friendly simple mechanical design can be
dismantled in around five minutes and completely rebuilt in as little
as one hour requiring minimum tools.


Berrimilla in some weather

Berrimilla & GE in adverse conditions

Global Equipe at the Helm

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