Orders & Price List

GLOBAL SERIES Order Information

Our windvanes are sold directly from the factory, and shipped globally.

Please contact Fleming Marine directly via email or telephone if you would like to place an order, or if you require more information.Generally due to the unique installation requirements of each sailing vessel, we can advise you individually on the most suitable type of model.

Basic information required -

  • vessel yacht type and model
  • existing steering system: hydraulic / mechanical ; wheel or tiller
  • email size picture of the stern and ancillary equipments
  • preference of independent Auxiliary servo or pendulum connected to main steering

Fleming Marine will also quote for custom designs if required.

Price List (Australian Dollars)

We require a 50% deposit before processing your order, with the remaing balance payable before shipment.

Delivery 1 to 8 weeks. Freight & Insurance additional at cost.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and subject to general sales tax unless exported.

Foreign vessels leaving Australia can claim the GST (Goods Service Tax) back from the Australian Customs upon their departure.

We accept VISA and Mastercard.

Servo Pendulum Model Number $AU NET
Global Offshore 501 to 20 m $5,600.00
Global Équipe    400 to 12 m/40 ft $5,200.00
Auxilliary Rudder Model $AU NET
Global Aux                   14 m/48 ft $7,600.00
Air Foils $AU NET
Standard $105.00
Storm $95.00
Steering Adapter $AU NET
Stainless Steel wheel adapter $665.00
Wheel adapter mounts $120.00
Auto Pilot Addon bracket $285.00
GybOmatic Boom Brake $AU NET
Boats up to 65ft $425.00

Australian built units include:

  • Mounting Tube, Brackets, Sockets & Fasteners.
  • 2 Air foils (Standard & Storm).
  • Welded (Main Frame) Final adjustment to be made on fitting.
  • Blocks, Control Line & Manual

NOTE: Prices, design and specifications are subject to alteration without notice. Neither manufacturer nor seller shall be liable for any damage to yacht, rigging, or person due to failure of the Fleming Self Steering System or the misuse of same.

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