Mick Peart – Star Path

Hello Phil,
You sold me a  Global Equipe 400 which you had traded in, (unused in original box)
The boat is an S+S 34. Installation was not a drama, and the device worked properly straight away. There is something spooky about the way it guides the boat, so I’ve dubbed it ‘The Ghost’. Having no previous experience with windvanes, I had heard all the stories about inefficiencies downwind in light airs. The S+S isn’t particularly happy sailing downwind, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the vane holding a true course downwind in 5 knots apparent.
I fabricated a set of brackets to attach a tiller pilot, and that works well also.
It IS a beautiful thing, Phil, and I thank you.

Hope your business is going well for you,
Regards, Mick Peart, ‘Star Path’ Tasmania.
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