Mac Smith – Quailo

Dear Kevin:
“How I wish I had had your (Fleming) vane on ‘Quailo’s‘ transom at the beginning of the BOC. My electronic pilot failed at the start and as of the moment, it has still not been repaired. So to steer I relied on the good ability of ‘Quailo’ to steer herself to windward; my ‘X-model’ vane when off the wind with twelve knots or more apparent; and myself in light airs and off the wind with less than twelve knots. It was a real tiring chore and adding to the problem, my ‘X-model’ vane required constant repairs.”
“The (Fleming) vane was a joy from day one. The only times we had to steer was in very light airs.”
Kind Regards,

Mac Smith
BOC competitive vessel “Quailo

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