Kay Cottee – Blackmores First Lady


Dear Kevin
“Below is a report on the performance of the KA 45 windvane used during my solo, non-stop sail around the world aboard my yacht “Blackmores First Lady”

“To all intents and purposes the KA 45 worked extremely well, especially in heavy weather and big seas. The medium sized ply sail remained flat and stood up to all conditions. Overall, I was very impressed with the unit’s performance during the 24,500 mile voyage and have no hesitation in recommending it. Also, I think it was the perfect size for my Cavalier 37, “Blackmores First Lady.”
Yours Sincerely,

Kay Cottee

Fleming wind vane steering the first Woman to circumnavigate non stop single handed
12 March 1988
Log reads:
Motion of boat rolly and swerving all over the place, am using the vane to save power.
Solar panels putting in two amps even though it’s cloudy so that should help somewhat.
Tried using Autohelm 3000 but it couldn’t cope with  correcting the course so radically in these seas and we ended up with a mangled drive shaft pin. Replaced it with a thick stainless steel pin so will be ready for use again when seas die down.

Pictures of Blackmores First Lady now on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum

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