David Gill – S.V. Wandering Mistress

Hello and happy sailing.
I sailed the Wandering Mistress, from Long Beach to New Zealand using
the Fleming self steering wind vane and I have never looked back. I
came up with a name for my wonderful little wind vane and that was
“Wendy” She did everything I asked and more. From handling a light
breeze to full a Gale, I could not have asked for more. If you are
considering an electric auto pilot or a wind vane, I have one answer
and that is get a wind vane. Since my little trip to New Zealand I
have had the opportunity to sail on boats equipped with both a wind
vane and an autopilot and the wind vane has always been the winner
without question. She always points were you want her, she requires
very little maintenance, and if you take care of her she will never
break down. I don’t know why anyone would want otherwise. I
developed quit the little love affair with Wendy, and it is one of the
best relationships I have ever had!

David Gill
The Wandering Mistress

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