Chris Long

Hi Phil,
Just arrived in La Palma, Canary islands. Planning to head across in a couple of days. I finaly fitted the vane gear in Gib after a weeks delay by TNT. Thus delayed we set of immediately for Lanzarotte and am now in the process of tidying up the platform mounting arrangement. The gear worked perfectly and has steered all the time we have had wind. It was much admired in Gibraltar as we were berthed stern-to the main marina office building!
All in all we are all very impressed with the gear. Nice engineering and purposefully robust without the monster sizes of various aluminium gears. I have used the originall lower setting on the vari ratio and it has coped with dead downwind in light airs, broad reaching in big seas and beam reaching. luckily i havent had to beat to windward yet but have no doubt it will cope easily.
Thanks for for all your efforts getting it to us in time. It would be great to hear your comments on the above in the next day or two before we leave but not to worry if not possible as basically very pleased with the whole thing.
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