John Stickland – Rebel S & S 34

Kevin & Denise
Just to let you know “Randy Fleming” has completed a successful Atlantic crossing on the stern of Rebel.  So far he is working both perfectly and very hard on all points of sail and at all strengths of wind.

Thanks for supplying such a great system!

Regards, John, Randy and Rebel
John Stickland  S & S 34, UK  02 December, 2006

Alan Leslie – Diva

Diva Diva

Hi Kevin,

Attached  some pics of the installation….all went well….very easy after a day of thinking about it !

Over the last 2 weeks we have used “Mr Fleming” nearly every day sailing north up the east coast of New Zealand…practising….He works brilliantly…so simple to use and set up….
DIVA is well balanced and easy to sail in moderate winds with #3 genoa and main and your gadget steers her faultlessly.
I am really impressed that we get where want to go with little fuss everyday and our batteries are still charged…..brilliant !

We are heading for Tonga and Fiji etc next year and I’m sure we made the right decision to buy Fleming….

Best regards
Alan Leslie
Diva   14 February, 2007

Terry & Amanda Morris – Clark Gable

Hi Kevin

It was nice to see that you used the photo that I sent you on the home page of your web site.  Since then we have done 7500 miles around the Pacific with the Fleming wind vane doing all the hard work. At times we were very grate full to be down below with the wind vane doing  the steering when it was dark and cold and very wet in the cockpit. We now have complete confidence in the Fleming wind vanes ability to cope in heavy following seas and would trust it before most helmsman running flat off in 35-40 knots in the dark. We still rate it as the best piece of cruising gear on the boat. We are now back in Gulf Harbour NZ looking forward to our next trip away.
Thanks for a great product.

Terry & Amanda Morris     Clark Gable

Jim & Linda Gay

Hi Phil,

First, I must say that the vane is a real piece of work!  We use it all the time and I still find myself staring at it while it steers the boat in all but extremely light winds.


Jim Gay

Chris Long

Hi Phil,
Just arrived in La Palma, Canary islands. Planning to head across in a couple of days. I finaly fitted the vane gear in Gib after a weeks delay by TNT. Thus delayed we set of immediately for Lanzarotte and am now in the process of tidying up the platform mounting arrangement. The gear worked perfectly and has steered all the time we have had wind. It was much admired in Gibraltar as we were berthed stern-to the main marina office building!
All in all we are all very impressed with the gear. Nice engineering and purposefully robust without the monster sizes of various aluminium gears. I have used the originall lower setting on the vari ratio and it has coped with dead downwind in light airs, broad reaching in big seas and beam reaching. luckily i havent had to beat to windward yet but have no doubt it will cope easily.
Thanks for for all your efforts getting it to us in time. It would be great to hear your comments on the above in the next day or two before we leave but not to worry if not possible as basically very pleased with the whole thing.

Mick Peart – Star Path

Hello Phil,
You sold me a  Global Equipe 400 which you had traded in, (unused in original box)
The boat is an S+S 34. Installation was not a drama, and the device worked properly straight away. There is something spooky about the way it guides the boat, so I’ve dubbed it ‘The Ghost’. Having no previous experience with windvanes, I had heard all the stories about inefficiencies downwind in light airs. The S+S isn’t particularly happy sailing downwind, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the vane holding a true course downwind in 5 knots apparent.
I fabricated a set of brackets to attach a tiller pilot, and that works well also.
It IS a beautiful thing, Phil, and I thank you.

Hope your business is going well for you,
Regards, Mick Peart, ‘Star Path’ Tasmania.

Dave Manderson – Sorcery


We have had our maiden voyage with it as well and are very pleased. We had about 6 building to 15 knots of breeze so nothing too demanding but were very pleased with how true it steered the boat at all points of wind. After the first ½ hour we found we could change the bearing 10-15 degrees just by a small turn of the vane and she steered very true.

It is such a cool feeling knowing the boat and the wind are doing everything and you’re just along for the ride and the funny thing was once we got over the excitement of it working is that you start thinking “hell I better not fall off”. The other point we noticed is how quick it adjusts to the wind shifts, the big thing I suppose to watch now. We will run our cross track error on the GPS from now on as a backup to the watch keeper keeping an eye on the compass to make sure we keep heading the way we are meant to.

Thanks again.


Dave Manderson

Andrew @ Vanuatu

Hi Phil,

The crew really appreciated the self steering after two days of hand steering in fast running heading east from Vanuatu. We left Port Vila in fresh to strong trade winds and rough seas. We stopped at Huon Reef for a swim/snorkel and a break from the motion of trade wind sailing.
12 hours out from Huon Reef the trade wind piped up on the beam and we set the windvane up. The crew were amazed at how well it steered us in boistrous wind and sea conditions. The vane stayed engaged for most of the rest of the passage of 700 nm.

Now we are home after our little cruise it is good to look back at the adventures we had. The fleming global equipe was a small part of the success of the voyage.


Michael Salvaneschi – Mika

S.V. Mika

S.V. Mika

To Phil George,

I have praised the Fleming Vane for the 18 years I have owned “Guido”. We sailed thousands of miles together including a seven-year solo voyage around the world. In my mind the Fleming is the finest vane out there.

And my voyage “out there” far surpassed anything I had ever dreamed of or dared doing which brings me to the purpose of contacting you… to UPDATE your information regarding my whereabouts.

Mika, a Hans Christian 38 and I, returned from our solo circumnavigation
in 2001 and are berthed at Ventura Harbor, California.

Thank you again and again for your fine product…best regards,

Michael Salvaneschi

David Gill – S.V. Wandering Mistress

Hello and happy sailing.
I sailed the Wandering Mistress, from Long Beach to New Zealand using
the Fleming self steering wind vane and I have never looked back. I
came up with a name for my wonderful little wind vane and that was
“Wendy” She did everything I asked and more. From handling a light
breeze to full a Gale, I could not have asked for more. If you are
considering an electric auto pilot or a wind vane, I have one answer
and that is get a wind vane. Since my little trip to New Zealand I
have had the opportunity to sail on boats equipped with both a wind
vane and an autopilot and the wind vane has always been the winner
without question. She always points were you want her, she requires
very little maintenance, and if you take care of her she will never
break down. I don’t know why anyone would want otherwise. I
developed quit the little love affair with Wendy, and it is one of the
best relationships I have ever had!

David Gill
The Wandering Mistress