B. Scott Diener, Ph. D.

Dear Kevin,
“Well, we’re back from Hawaii and having a difficult time getting into a ‘normal’ life of work etc! We had a long (28 day) passage punctuate by 15 days of squalls, with 2 gales. Not exactly what we had planned, but a very good experience nonetheless.”

“One of the real delights of the trip was watching our Fleming Minor ‘do its thing’. We experienced absolutely no breakdowns in the vane, an enviable track record considering it steered well over 98% of the 28-day voyage. ‘Flem’ as he became known to us was a tireless and invaluable addition to the crew. I found it remarkable just how steady a course he maintained, even in the sloppiest of sea conditions. One of my major concerns prior to the trip was the ability of your vane to steer a fin keel, spade rudder boat in heavy following seas. I have sailed these Catalina 27s for many years now, and am quite familiar with their difficult downwind handling, so my concern seemed justifiable. However, ‘Flem’ performed flawlessly, steering a steady course even in 22 foot seas and 40+ knots of wind (verified with NOAA)!”

With much appreciation,
B. Scott Diener, Ph. D.

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