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Cruisers – racers – high latitude explorers – sailors around the world, welcome. Fleming has your self steering needs covered with state of the art, bullet proof, stainless steel investment cast modern designs. All stylish, elegant and user friendly. 20 ft to 65 ft, mono hulls, auxiliary rudders or servos, wide selection affordable prices.

Canadian sailor Glenn Wakefield embarks on a single-handed non-stop west about circumnavigation

Glenn Wakefield, Solo Circumnavigation, September 9th 2013

Glenn Wakefield, Solo Circumnavigation, September 9th 2013

VICTORIA, B.C. Canada On September 2, 2013, Canadian sailor Glenn Wakefield will set sail from Victoria, B.C. in an attempt to complete a single-handed, non-stop, west about circumnavigation. Sixty-three year old Wakefield will sail West Wind II, a Sparkman and Stephens Comanche 42 built by Chris-Craft. To prepare his boat for offshore open ocean conditions, Wakefield has done an extensive refit to the deck, rigging, and interior of the vessel over the past three years.

This is Wakefield’s second attempt at a single-handed non-stop, west about circumnavigation having sailed three quarters of the way around in 2007-2008.
After a series of storms near Cape Horn damaged his boat, he was forced to discontinue his voyage.

West Wind II - Fleming Self Steer

“The sound was magnificent, exciting, crashing like surf over and over again…Fleming had been [steering] with out food or water or complaining for four days straight!”

“I feel very lucky to get a second chance at this,” said Wakefield. “While it’s a long time to be away from my family and friends, I’m looking forward to the challenge and being on the ocean again.”

While at sea, Wakefield will speak to a network of ham radio operators around the world. He’ll send regular updates via email to his wife in Victoria who will update his website. He estimates the 30,000-mile non-stop journey will take approximately 10 months and has food and provisions on board for a year.

Wakefield leaves Victoria on September 2nd from Cadboro Bay where he first learned to sail more than four decades ago. For more information, and to follow Glenn on his circumnavigation, visit

Visit his blog for details of his first attempt in 2007-2008.

Three sailors waiting at Bermagui NSW, heading over the horizon.

Three Fleming selfsteering units in a line, Bermagui NSW

Three Fleming selfsteering units in a line, Bermagui NSW


Hans Christian 33 “Delphinus” from Hobart Tasmania, Skipper Paul Cook, Crew Zandra, cruising plan is, “Sailing north, who knows how far, could be Queensland could be the world”.

Tracker 26 “Cynecia” from Flinders Island Tasmainia. Skipper Luke Toonen,
Crew Janet. Cruising plan is “Going north, don’t know where to just looking at everything as I go,  taken a year off work and will see what happens after that”.

Top Hat 25 “Sundowner” from Westernport Victoria. Cruising plan “Go north for winter and return south for summer, work for a few months and do it again”.

Selfsteering to the rescue

A nice article by Fay Mark from this years Ocean Voyager!

“Vaughn, Sharon and Dan had 2,350 miles ahead of them and their options were to either hand steer Reality during three-hour watches or to use an old Fleming wind vane (which they had affectionately dubbed Peggy). Otherwise, their least desirable option would be to turn around and head back…”
Mark, F. (2013). A jury-rigged rudder.
Ocean Navigator. Retrieved from

read the whole story here

40 Years in the Making


Fleming workshop

Year 2009 sees the Fleming brand name achieve over 40 years of continuous production.

As you browse through our information, you will see more installation pictures, mounting arrangements and stern types with expanded discussions comparing design concepts, material strength, salt water suitability / durability as applied to self steering construction. We continue to develop and exclusively pioneer build methods using the latest super duplex stainless steel material in our castings and general construction to a point where units are aluminium weight comparable with no corrosion concerns and a far superior resale value.

Fleming 2009 rigs are stronger, lighter and by design, smarter than ever before. Today, our very efficient build programme allows us to produce our product at competitive prices. Over 3000 Fleming units are sold worldwide.

When you have evaluated the information supplied, please contact us for further assistance or quotation.

Thanks for your visit. The present range is extensive, now available are both servos and auxiliary rudder self steering concepts 20ft to 65ft, we have a vane suitable for your vessel. If not “just ask” and we will custom build just for you.

Over the years the basic small family cruising yacht has evolved often to high speed flyers built with space age light materials crossing oceans in once unheard of times.

With constant research, we have been able to keep the FLEMING brand out front, always incorporating the latest stainless steel super alloys and build methods ensuring systems are up to the task at the most competitive prices.

What has not changed or evolved is the ocean and its changing moods as always, only a well found yacht and good seamanship rule the day